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Dr. Vijaya Musande Vijaya Kautikrao Ahire Development of Temporal Crop Monitoring Approach Using Remote Sensing Data and Machine Learning techniques. MGM University
Yogesh Rameshwar Tayade Spatiotemporal Changes In Land Use/Land Cover of Drought Area Using Remote Sensing Data MGM University
Charudatt Mane Digital Agriculture: Data Driven Approach To Identify Fruit Diseases MGM University
Ms. Sujata Gaikwad Multiscale & Multifeature Segmentation of High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery MGM University
Ms. Varsha Gaikwad Crop Disease Detection by Leaf Classification based on Deep Learning MGM University
Dr. Deepa Deshpande Anuja Ravikant Tungar An Improved Access Control Mechanism For Secure Storage of Big Data Using Optimal Cryptographic Algorithm. MGM University
Ansari Mohsin Demographic and Psychographic Customer Segmentation Analysis For Business Enrichment Using Data Science MGM University
Deepali Rajaram Naglot Devnagari Sign Language Recognition Using Machine Learning MGM University
Nupur Narendra Pathrikar Automated Repellent System For Jowar MGM University
Chaitali Patil A Depressive Disorder Detection Model Based on Sentiment Analysis MGM University
Dr. Jayshri Pagare Sujata Nilesh Bhosle Network Traffic Classification For Secured Smart City MGM University
Balasaheb Shrimantrao Sable Medical Image Analysis Using Deep Learning MGM University
Dr. Parminder Kaur Varsha Ajith Analysis of Remote Sensed Data For Agricultural Usage MGM University
Shweta Patil Analysis and Prediction of Soil Nutrients For Agricultural Usage MGM University
Sangita Nitin Bhasme Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy-Pre-eclampsia Prediction Model using Machine Learning MGM University
Priyanka Trimbakrao Avhad Extracting Field Boundaries From Satellite Images MGM University