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Dr. M.S. Kadam Mr. Umesh Sahebrao Patil Effect of Process parameters in MMAW for Joining Stainless Steel 304 with mild steel 1018 and Parameter Optimization. BAM University
Mr. Sachin Chandrakat Borse Optimisation of Machining Parameters in Micromachining of Inconel 718 Response surface Methodology BAM University
Mr. Satish Bhalerao Composites and its application in Electrical Engg. BAM University
Mr. Arun Dnyanoba Karad The effect of organic treatment on properties of tool steel BAM University
Mr. Ravindra S. Shivpuje Shivpuje Effect of Tool geometry and welding parameters of friction of stir welded joints of Aluminium Alloys BAM University
Mr. Munjaji U. Pople Study of Encapsulated sorbent for Adsorption Cooling Application BAM University
Dr. R.R.Deshmukh Mr. Kiram A. Awate Thermal Energy utilization in Grape wine in India BAM University
Mr. Prashant A. Narwade Modeling simulation and Analysis of suspension system with magnetic Rheological Dampers BAM University
Mr. Sachin Nagure An experimental investigation of mechanical properties of aluminum alloy reinforced with silicon carbide BAM University
Mr. Sushan Mahajan Study of parameters for the filling phase of Micro injection moulding using process simulation BAM University
Mr. Pankaj Dhoble A Simulation Study of advanced cooling strategies in plastic injection molding to optimize part quality BAM University
Dr. A.L. Chel Mr. Vitthal Jumbad Experimental Investigation of property changes in plasma electrolytic heat treatment of press tool steels BAM University
Mr. Anant V. Nemade Investigation of Thermal Performance IN Braking System of LMV: Development of Novel Liquid Cooled Brake Disc BAM University
Mr. Samir A. Telang Development of safety system in tractors BAM University
Mr. Sandeep S. Zirmire Optimization and Analysis of Different Parameters in Friction Stir Welding BAM University
Dr.Shahadev Baburao Ubale Javed Amiroddin Siddiqui Experimental and Computational Analysis of Air Flow and Temperature Distribution of Onion Storage with Cost and Energy Efficient Design MGM University
Mohammad Azar Nisar Bargir Design and Development for Medical Application by Using Additive Manufacturing MGM University
Yogesh Tanajirao Padwal Experimental investigation & numerical analysis of Performance evaluation of continuous solar still water desalination MGM University
Dr.Arvind Laxmikant Chel Abhay Vasantrao Wavare Performance Evaluation of Innovative Methods for Sustainable e-Waste Management MGM University
Dr.Nitin Govindlalji Phafat Saili Ramesh Kulkarni Experimental Investigation on Design And Analysis of HIP Joint Prosthesis Using Composite Materials And Characterization of Materia MGM University
Husain Abood Soydan Role of inventory in supply chain management and analytical study of inventory management in manufacturing industry. MGM University
Dr.Dhananjay Ravsaheb Dolas Shrikrishna Bhimrao Pawar Experimental Studies on Fused Deposition Modeling Process of PC-ABS Material for Industrial Application MGM University
Sarfraz Ali Quadri “Performance analysis of MSME using Reliability, Availability and Maintainability approach” MGM University
Prakash M. Kadam Performance Evaluation and Emission Characteristics of CI Engine by using biodiesel with nanoparticles as an additive MGM University